Estonia as a new member of the EU may be your next marketing target, but your company hasnít established an office in the country yet or indeed, you have the office but the employees have no time to translate/localise the texts. This is where PharmaTran can lend a hand to you.

We are engaged in medical translation and localisation, proofreading, updating and layout of medical texts. Medical translations require precision and up-to-date expert knowledge. You certainly donít want to be embarrassed in front of the authorities/customers by the use of incorrect terminology and clumsy language. For this reason, our team consists of specialists experienced in practical medical activity and/or the marketing of pharmaceutical products. All translations into Estonian are proofread by another expert and all translations into English are proofread by experienced linguists. We can also prepare layout for your booklets/leaflets.

In addition, we can represent your interests in the State Medicine Agency and other regulatory authorities as well as establish marketing relations with wholesalers of pharmaceuticals and introduce your production among physicians on the basis of power of attorney since representation of pharmaceutical manufacturers in commercial acts and promotion of pharmaceutical products is one of our key activities.

We translate: Summaries of product characteristics Patient information leaflets Package labels Case report forms Hospital discharge summaries Training materials for physicians Advertising materials for medicinal products Summaries of clinical trials Instructions of medical devices Price agreements Contracts

Languages We translate from English, German, Russian and Finnish into Estonian and from Estonian into Russian and English.